Being the son of a professional baseball player, Jonathan Gelnar thought his career path was naturally laid down for him. But even after trying out baseball in college, he still struggled to discover his true passion. Eventually, the huge influence of his dad and coaches on his life pulled him towards becoming a teacher and a coach.

For Jonathan, the decision to become a coach was driven by a love of sports and even more by a passion for helping kids develop a strong culture and mindset that will help them as they grow up. He is currently a teacher and a pitching coach at Frisco Reedy High School in Frisco, Texas.

Though officially he holds two different titles – teacher and

coach – he does not see much difference between them. To Jonathan, both are teachers with the only difference being that one teaches in class while the other teaches on the field. In a world where there is so much pressure on kids to succeed, he helps young people learn that failure is not the end of life. To help them become winners, in sports and in life, he teaches them that losing is part of the journey.

His coaching philosophy draws deeply from his dad and coach. His father never yelled at him or disparaged him after a particularly bad game. Instead, he waited for his son to approach him and talk his heart out. Jonathan adheres to this principle both in class and out in the field.

As much as winning is important to him, he also wants the kids to have fun and learn important life lessons from sports. He wants them to be able to approach him freely and talk about what is bothering them. He loves to say that coaches sometimes have more influence on children than even their parents.

So he understands that in his position, he has the power to build up the kids under his watch. He takes this responsibility seriously, knowing that he has to prepare every player for a life beyond sports. One of his most impassioned plea to parents and other coaches is to focus on kids as individuals rather than worrying too much whether they win or lose their games.

Jonathan fondly remembers his dad as a great listener and an even better life guide. Every time he goes to school to teach, both in and out of class, he recalls the important lessons he has learnt along the way and imparts them on the kids as best as he can.

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