Art Through Words and Photography.  That is a succinct way to describe the method used by renowned artistic photographer, poet and lyricist, Chet Tucker in the works of photographic art that he creates.  Of course, when it comes to art, the succinct description will hardly do justice to the level of nuance that an artist uses to connect with their audience. Chet takes a true gift for identifying moments in life, from the mundane to the exciting, and capturing them through photography in such a way that they speak volumes.

Above and beyond from the cliche “one picture is worth a thousand words,” Chet’s work not only speaks to his audience, it communicates and conveys feeling and substance.

While we all have admired photography that resonates with us on some level, hardly is one ever treated to the level of depth that Chet’s work reaches. Using a method that he describes as flowtography, it combines his photographs with his poetry. Each element able to stand on its own artistic merits, when combined create a synergistic energy that not only adds depth, but also weaves a sequential story.

As one views one photograph to the next, one is drawn in not just by the beautiful imagery — not just by the amplified contextual setting provided by the words; but rather by gently progressive and natural sequences that flow with meaning and passion.

Chet Tucker has a flowtography exhibit ongoing from September 3 through October 1 at the Frisco Art Gallery. The central work on exhibit showcases Chet’s trip to the Himalayas, to the base camp of Mount Everest to be precise. Much more than just scenic images, the exhibit draws the audience into the very personal significance that this trip had for Chet. Combining an adventurous trek with a more profound purpose of paying homage to a lost childhood friend, the exhibit fills the eyes, mind and heart with admiration. It truly captures the power that images and words can have when presented in unison.

For those familiar with Chet Tucker’s work, this exhibit will serve to further illustrate the scope and reach of flowtography. For those new to Chet or his art form of woven words and imagery, it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy an artistic journey. For that is the best way to describe a Chet Tucker exhibit. Never are they merely experiences, they are journeys.

Perhaps some of you may be curious to know more about the artist behind these works. During this same exhibit, on September 10th, Chet will be present at the Frisco Art Gallery for a public reception and gallery talk. It is the perfect opportunity to hear from the artist himself as to how he came to use to such wondrous effect this blending of words and images.

With a love for words, music, paint, and photography, Chet Tucker is an artist that successfully focused on his artistic passion and was able to transcend from a highly successful career in the corporate world into that of the realm of artistic mastery. More about Chet and his work can be learned by visiting his website

Podcast Date: 09/02/2016